The Loaf of Bread is a standard weapon used by Doctor Fluke Hawkins. It is gained in Stage 3, and appears in the Doctor's inventory in every stage. It is infinite.



When used with the standard Toaster, the item creates Toast. Toast has no specific use, but since the Doctor can use the Loaf infinitely, the player can create it all he/she wants until the Atomic Toaster is obtained.

Atomic ToastEdit

When used with the Atomic Toaster, bouncing and glowing toast projectiles fire out in the direction the Doctor is looking. The toast, upon contact, will detonate and damage any enemy hit with equal strength to a Sniper Bullet. Since it is infinite and does a lot of damage, it is extremely useful.

It is, however, not a hitscan weapon, and thus the player must take into consideration its rebound off walls and targets location (especially if it is in motion). The weapon is infinite and cannot hurt the Doctor itself, so it can be spammed to hit its target, but that does not mean the accuracy of the weapon increases any further.

The weapon will be the Doctor's primary weapon throughout the game. Other breads are in the game, but have very limited uses and will typically be exhausted after only a few shots, leaving the Doctor to using the loaf again.


  • Firing Toast onto the mirror in the bathroom will cause the image to do very odd and peculair things (such as enlarge the toast, shrink it, stretch it, make it appear on another wall). Due to the PS3 version of the game not having the mirrors, this trick cannot be used there.
  • The original Dreamcast demo had no animation to using items, so unlike the finished game, he does not slam the two together. Thus as a result, the Loaf and the Toaster can rapid fire Toast.
  • This item appears in the Demo.
  • It is only required to have the Toaster when you see Kermit. Having the loaf is unecessary. Thus, if the player willingly/accidentally leaves the loaf behind when Kermit makes the Atomic Toaster, the player will have to reload the beginning of the stage again, otherwising forcing them to progress without any weapon until the hangar where Molotovs can be used.
  • The Loaf of Bread is extremely useful, but it is possible to finish all of Stage 3 without it.
  • The Loaf will automatically appear in the inventory in each stage even if you left it behind in Stage 3.