Jim Dandy is the name of the Doctor's spaceship and major location in MDK 2. It is the epicenter of the main teams functions in MDK, and is the location for stages 3, 5, and 6 in MDK 2.

From MDK it is impossible to ascertain its entire setup as only the display screen is shown, however in MDK 2 it is explored. The ship apparently houses some form of laboratory and mechanics lab (although neither are seen in game) which are shown in the introduction comic sequence. The ship also houses living quarters for Kurt (as would be assumed), however this is never shown, nor any janitor station.

In MDK 2 multiple locations are shown.

Jim DandyEdit

Doc's QuartersEdit


The Kitchen appears to be complete with fridge, cupboards, working sink and water, and toaster. The Doctor is never seen actually using these implements beyond the toaster.

The BarEdit

The bar is complete with stools, multiple shelves of alchoholic beverages, and several dirty rags. Nearby is a large painting that spoofs the image "Waterloo" with Max, the Doctor, and Kurt all playing cards with the dogs that naturally appear in the famous painting.


A small section of the ship appears to be some form of lookout station or balcony where the doctor can overlook space. It doesn't have any furnishing or rug, so its most likely for scenic purposes only.

Relaxation AreaEdit

The relaxation area comes with several sofas, a coffee table, and a large projection screen. In the intro cutscene to MDK 2 and throughout MDK, the Doctor uses it to display enemy Minecrawlers moving about on Earth. There is also an odd music machine that plays music with castanets and a brass instrument. Approaching it causes it to go off and the Doctor to dance.


The lavatory is, just as the name describes, a bathroom. It appears to have four urinals and a single stall. Since Kurt and the Doc are the only beings on the ship that need waste facilities, it is unclear what the other urinals are needed for. It also has a hand dryer and two sinks. If one plays the Dreamcast version, the mirrors are present above the sinks. If one plays the PS2 version, the mirrors will have the words "Out of Order" placed on them. Harvey will not allow the Doctor to leave the bathroom if he uses it and doesn't wash his hands.