A Bif render from the Dreamcast version

Bif is an enemy in MDK 2, frequently seen throughout the game and seen at least once in every stage (except for stage 5 and 9). Bif's are the strongest normal enemies in the game, and are extremely dangerous.

Bif's are large rotund enemies that have very small arms. They appear to wear thongs, and lack any eyes on their flat face (which has two horns on it). An eye appears to be on their belt and may be how they see.

Bif's have two ways to attack. The first attack is the most common: a fast homing bullet that charges and hits its target at incredible speed. The bullet moves very quickly, curves to hit its target, and takes several seconds before the bullet is destroyed and stops chasing the target. The bullet can also be destroyed if it collides with any targets/walls. The second attack is a close range slap with their homing spears (which they use to fire their bullets). An attack from a Bif knocks over the target and forces targets in the air to fall and hit the ground.

Bif's are typically encountered solo or in pairs, and in Max's stages can sometimes be regenerated multiple times. The most Bif's are encountered by Kurt in stage 7 when he must take on and kill eight Bif's at the same time. Bif's, due to their danger level, should be eliminated before proceeding, as their bullets outrun all of the characters. In Stage 8 and 7, the Bif's that Kurt and Max run into must be killed in order to continue any further.

Kurt's best weapon for dealing with Bif's is the sniper rifle, unless there is no way to hide from the bullets that Bif fires. If the eye can be hit dead center while it is open, the Bif immediately dies. Max can use any weapon, but it is reccomended to use automatic weapons (as they make Bif flinch). The doctor runs into several Bif's in his story, however due to his slow projectiles and the fact that he has the least amount of health (while also being the slowest) makes it an extremely bad idea to fight a Bif head on. The Bifs the doctor runs into can be skipped.