The baguette is a weapon utilized by Doctor Fluke Hawkins. As the name implies, it is a piece of french bread that can be loaded into the Atomic Toaster. These weapons do not start appearing until Stage 6.


The Baguette can be combined with the Atomic Toaster to create the Atomic Baguette. The Baguette, unlike the Loaf of Bread, is limited in ammunition, thus every achieved Baguette counts for one Atomic Baguette, and after use, said Baguette vanishes from the inventory.

The Atomic Baguette acts as a homing missile, and explodes on contact dealing decent damage. It fires and travels faster than Max's Homing Rocket Launcher, but will explode after tracing a target after a period of time. The Baguette will automatically home into the closest target, and doesn't require any specific aiming to land a blow. It is very limited on munitions, and thus should be saved for either bosses, large crowds, or faraway targets that are very difficult to hit with the Atomic Toast.